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No other colour has a stronger effect on the human psyche. It strengthens all positive feelings and calms aggression and violence. Hyperactive people become more balanced and calmer. Put on your “rose-coloured glasses” more often or paint a room in the colours rose or pink.

Pink (or “Rosa”) is a feminine colour. It is friendly, romantic, delicate, charming, sweet and sensitive. Pink is THE colour for adding a feminine touch to designs. However, the colour pink can also come across as arrogant, scheming or egocentric. Pink is also associated with homosexuality and in feng shui, pink is said to counteract stress. Pink-coloured walls may come across as girly, but they promise to provide positive impulses and a certain stability. According to some colour psychologists, pink also has a calming effect.

  • DG Madame Butterfly 73069
  • DG P619:13 31407
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Would you like to design a room with pink? We will be happy to help you. In our studio in Ermatingen you will find the most beautiful wallpapers, fabrics and, of course, the right ideas.