According to colour theory, green stands for hope, peace, security, inspiration, freshness, nature and life. The wall colour green is primarily associated with naturalness and freshness. Rooms in this colour calm and balance. DG Furniture greenIMG_1932

Colour accents in deep green that reflect the vitality of nature and conjure up life and freshness in every room. Green is the colour of the middle. In its perfect neutrality between all extremes, it has a calming effect without being tiring. We associate the colour green with spring, with fertile meadows, fields and forests.


Green usually makes us think of unspoilt nature and therefore has a relaxing and restorative effect on people. This colour is often even said to have a calming effect on the nerves. This is another reason why it is ideal for your four walls, especially in combination with other earthy tones. Khaki or dark forest green are very nice colours for this. Fans of soft pastel colours, on the other hand, can decorate their home in mint green or sage green.

Green: luminous and relaxed

Intense, relaxing and hopeful – green is the colour that surrounds us most in the world and to which our human eye is most accustomed. It is the colour of nature, growth, vitality and spring. It has been used in interior design for many years because of its relaxing effect – it can of course also be used as a neutral colour. Think of the green in the garden…the more vibrant yellow-green tones of “lime tree, mimosa and green melon” give a fresh feeling. In contrast, ‘asparagus fern’ and ‘river reed’ have a more traditional feel in a room. Green looks beautiful as a background, bold or elegant together with the right white or neutral colour. And remember, shades of green have an effect on other colours and light. So check carefully which colour you choose and what effect you want to achieve. Springt mist No. 87 DG


Bright, fresh and delicate – lots of white with a hint of mint green.