Nestled in the charming countryside of Oberstaufen, Haubers Hotel offers a serene escape surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque fields dotted with cows. It’s an idyllic setting for a long weekend, where the tranquility of nature rejuvenates the soul.

Les Grumpies

For golf enthusiasts, Haubers Hotel is a paradise. The hotel provides direct access to a pristine golf course, making it a dream destination for golfers of all skill levels.

Room 809

The themed rooms at Haubers Hotel are a highlight, featuring rustic yet elegant decor with abundant wood and hay elements that create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Each room is thoughtfully designed to offer comfort and a touch of countryside charm.

The hotel’s cuisine is another standout. Guests can indulge in excellent meals throughout their stay, with a particularly memorable breakfast experience on Sundays at the Schwalbennest. The culinary offerings are sure to delight food lovers with their quality and flavor.

The spa at Haubers Hotel is set amidst the beautiful landscape, providing a unique experience where you feel immersed in the countryside. It’s a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty while receiving top-notch spa treatments.


If you’re looking for a room recommendation, Room 801 is a gem. It offers a stunning bath with a view, perfect for those who appreciate a relaxing soak while taking in the surrounding scenery.

In summary, Haubers Hotel in Oberstaufen is a fantastic destination for a weekend getaway, offering excellent amenities, beautiful natural surroundings, and a peaceful atmosphere that makes for a truly memorable stay.